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Why use a NINA loan?

Also known as NINA, a no income/no assets loan is a type of mortgage product where income and assets are not used to qualify the borrower (although employment is verified). NINA loans fall into the Alt A classification and come with higher rates than your standard A-paper products.  

If you can supply full documentation, have good credit and have enough equity or down payment, this loan may not be a fit for you...you could simply get a standard conventional loan. But, if you want a higher level of privacy or have challenged income or just looking for the simplest loan transaction, this could be the right loan.

Highlights of the program:

  • Low documentation.
  • Privacy - income disclosure is not required.
  • 660 Minimum Score. 
    • Higher scores will help with rate.
  • Rate can be 2-4% higher than conventional rate.
  • No income verification.
    • But, will verify assets.
  • Self Employed borrowers - the program works much like a "stated income loan". 
  • Simplicity of the NINA attracts business owners with multiple sources of income, people with difficulty proving income, seasonal workers, people who change careers, gaps in employment, etc.
  • Investment and owner occupied.

No INcome/no assets investment loans